We provide full-service ducted air conditioning solutions, from installation to breakdown repairs and maintenance. We’ll always provide detailed information about your system and communicate your options to increase efficiency and save costs long term. Maintenance of your filtration systems ensures cleaner, healthier air to reduce staff sickness and time off work.

We’ll design and advise on the best solution for your space and your team, with optional separate temperature control for each room. We supply premium, industry-leading brand components from Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric and Heavy Industries.

Domestic Systems

We provide customised solutions to meet the individual needs of large, luxury homes. Some multi-storey homes require a combination of ducted, wall-mounted and VRF systems – we’ll find the best solution for your home, keeping you involved in the process and ensuring the aesthetics of your space are maintained.

We provide complete transparency about your options, with expert advice and system design to ensure your air conditioning system suits your needs.

Large-scale Chiller Systems

We’ll ensure your large-scale air conditioners are running efficiently to reduce breakdowns and high running costs. It’s important to service and maintain chillers for large multi-storey buildings to deliver optimum temperature comfort and control to residents and staff. 

We engineer custom air conditioning solutions to meet the size and requirements of your multi-level building. 

Custom Systems

No matter what sort of air conditioning system you require, our team will provide expert advice to satisfy your requirements. 

We have access to a wide range of premium suppliers and brands to ensure your custom air conditioning system will provide reliable and effective temperature control, for every application.

Commercial Evaporative

For factory space cooling, we provide high powered systems to control the temperatures of large spaces. To avoid underperformance, high running costs and water usage, we’ll install, repair or maintain your system with maximum efficiency in mind.

We’ve supplied complex air conditioning solutions to shopping centres such as Coventry Village and large commercial factories. We create custom evaporative systems depending on your distinct needs.