Coolroom and Freezer Room Repairs

We’re on hand 24/7 to help you with any coolroom or freezer breakdowns, to minimise downtime, even at peak hospitality times. 

You can rely on our team to show up when we say we will, with effective, cost-conscious solutions that minimise food wastage and energy consumption.

Ice Machines

If your ice machine requires repair, we’re on hand 24/7 for emergency support. We apply our industry experience to every job, ensuring your equipment is properly calibrated for peak efficiency. 

Whether you need to replace, repair or maintain your ice machine, we’ll provide valuable advice that saves you time and expense in the future.

Glycol Chiller Systems

Our team has extensive experience designing, installing, repairing and maintaining glycol chiller systems. We’re on hand for beer and beverage support – call our team at any time, including your peak business hours. 

We take hospitality breakdowns seriously, arriving when we say we will to ensure your systems are fixed as soon as possible.

Underbench Fridges

We’re always available to support your business with breakdown repairs – no matter when they occur –  to avoid service disruptions. 

We’ll ensure your fridges are correctly serviced and maintained, to enhance energy efficiency and avoid unnecessary breakdowns in the future.


Wine Cellars

We design and install custom wine cellar refrigeration systems based on the size and construction requirements of your space. Our specifically engineered solutions allow accurate temperature and humidity control for corked wine in both commercial and domestic applications. 

We also provide maintenance services to ensure your wine cellar is properly set up and energy-efficient, using premium components.